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Delivery Management Group is a US based provider of dedicated solutions for local delivery for the entire United States.

Our focus is partnering with you to manage the daily and local delivery of your product and routes. This allows businesses, big and small, the opportunity to concentrate on their core competencies while ultimately alleviating the most timely and costly portion of their business, their deliveries. A partnership with DMG combines an easy transition process while resulting in fully relieving the delivery and transportation arm of your business.  Whether you have your own fleet today or outsource it to a 3rd party, we can help you be better and reduce your cost.

Why Outsource your deliveries to us?

Are you getting your products delivered reliably, cost-effectively, and safely?

Does local delivery of your product consume your time, profit and resources?  Dealing with customer complaints, vehicles, drivers, and potential lawsuits from liability exposure is not what you bargained for.

This economic climate requires companies to seek help. If you want to keep your clients and grow your business, outsourcing your logistics may be the answer. Outsourcing allows you to focus efforts on growing revenue, control rising overhead, and free up your time and resources for more deserving issues.

Why choose DMG?

We offer one service…local dedicated delivery.

DMG contracts with vehicles and independent contractors that are dedicated to the specific clients’ routes they serve, delivering only their product from their facility to their customers.

This saves money in operating costs, as compared to traditional delivery companies, and allows us to direct the savings toward better rates for you.  Unlike most traditional delivery companies, this allows us to truly focus on your needs. We know the operational challenges you struggle with. Our combined years of expertise and knowledge of dedicated delivery makes us the partner you’re looking for to help reduce expenses and risk.

Never heard of DMG?  We’re often completely transparent.  Drivers wear your uniform, drive vehicles with your logo, and operate like an extension of your brand — your customer will never know the difference.

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